Weather in St Lucia

Current Weather information for St Lucia
St Lucia enjoys a warm tropical climate throughout the year so temperature is never an issue on the island, making it a year-round destination for beach lovers.
The average daily temperature is around 80F / 27C, with temperatures very similar all year round. Plants flower 365 days a year and trees don't tend to loose their leaves, we are a country where many have only seen ice or snow on television.
December to May is the driest and coolest time, with day temperatures in the 75-90F / 24-32C and night temperatures in the 68-81F / 20-27C.
June - November is wetter, but don't expect a constant downpour. Rather, there are numerous short but intense showers, and the Trade Winds provide a cooling breeze all year-round
June to August is the hottest time of year, when daytime temperatures can reach 95F / 35C.
Between August and October, tropical storms can build up out in the Atlantic Ocean, but they tend to avoid St Lucia and may reach hurricane force as they head up towards the southern United States.
When studying the rainfall figures you should consider that a third of the island is rainforest, and this receives much more rain than the coastal resorts. is the official site of the Multiple Listing & Real Estate Services of St. Lucia (MLRES), with real estate offices located in Soufriere & Dennery. Multiple Listing & Real Estate Services is a member of the Realtors Association of St Lucia , Inc.